Dr.Hemmati is the direct official representative of Pécs medical University in Europe, Iran,U.K, Canada and USA.


Our representative will guide you in every step to Pécs university (application, entrance exam ,visa ,accommodation ) .





    Application Procedure


The applicants have to fill in an application form, attach the requested documents, and submit the file to the local representative which is IRAN INTERNATIONAL or mail it to :( Dr.hemmati. jurisics miklos ut.22   Pécs, Hungary 7624) or you can fax it to 0036-72-312418.

Please note that only fully completed application files should be forwarded to this address or the fax number with the complete documents plus application fee (not refundable) which is mention in the application form in this website

 You will be notified of the receipt of the application material and of the date and place of the entrance examination. There are several examinations in Hungary and Iran.

The deadline for applications: for the first round is February 7, for the second round is April 30, for the third round is June 30. Upon request, late applications might be considered. Notification of acceptance will be sent by the end of June.

The examination depends if the exam is taken in Hungary or you take the examination in your home country (Iran), the representative will give you the details concerning the fees.

Premedical Course

 This course is one year consist off two semesters, in this college you can study biology biophysics chemistry physiology medical English medical terminology. after completing this course you will take entrance exam and you can begin studying medicine or dentistry (this premedical course isn't obligatory ).

Application and registration fee:350 Euro

Tuition fee:8000 USD

 Four -week preparatory course

The medical school offers a 4-weeks preparatory course in the fundamental subjects of the first semester: biology , chemistry and physics. this course is intended for accepted students who would like to refresh their high school knowledge in these subjects, and will make the accommodation to their studies easier. it is not obligatory.

paying the fee by the deadline.

  Details of course:

_6 hours a day ,5 days a week

_from augest 1 until september 1

_deadline for application: july 31

_fee:usd 1,200


Welcome Package  

The local representative in Iran (Iran international) will offer a Welcome Package to your safe arrival and a smooth adaptation to your new environment. The Welcome Package includes all the necessary services after acceptance, starting with student visa guidance, arrangement of flight tickets, airport pick-up in Budapest, transfer to Pécs, arrangement of temporary and final accommodation, order of textbook and provision of the health insurance in advance.

 Note: The Welcome Package is subject to local condition. Please contact the local representative in your country


                                  Tel (Hungary): + 36-30-9944119

                                  Tel ( U.K): +44-7924561130

                                  Tel (Iran) : +98-912-8353935



                                  Fax: +36-72-312418

                                  E-mail: info@pecsmedicaluniversity.com


Health Insurance

 The students are required to have a general health insurance while staying in Hungary. Generali-Providencia Insurance Company offers the students a health insurance scheme, in which the doctors of Medical School provide medical care. The terms and conditions are available on the enrolment. Please note that this insurance is valid only in Hungary.